thriving after divorce

Thriving after Divorce

About to enter or just gone through a divorce? Unsurprisingly, the period after divorce can have a massive impact in all aspects of your life. Below are some pointers to steer you in the right direction and help you thrive after your divorce.

To move your life forward, remember that your partner is not the same man or woman you thought they were. When you realise that, you can start by focusing on yourself.

This is your time to discover your “Best-Self” and explore the real you.

Discover Yourself
Take the time to understand yourself and identify your values and strengths. To gain a better sense of self-awareness, examine and reflect on your thoughts and actions in the past, although don’t forget to observe your behaviour in the present.

Set out your intentions, list your qualities and refer to them as often as you can.

“Read it and believe it”

Some of the best traits in a person include being kind, generous, trustworthy, loyal, and fun.

Acting generous, warm, and loving will become effortless, and you will be the one easily attracting others.

Learn to let go
Holding onto regrets and bitterness will only hold you from moving forward in life. Ask yourself, what is the price of holding onto the past? Is it worth being chained to negative emotions and perspective? Imagine how good you would feel if you were free from negative emotions.

Freedom is your reward for letting go.

For there to be a beginning, there must be an ending

Refusing to accept your loss will keep you under a grey cloud and leave stuck in the past for a very long time.

Get the support you need
When it comes to divorce and friendships, you may well lose some friends because of the divorce, but you will also make new friends and rediscover people you didn’t know too well could become good friends.

An important aspect of moving on after your divorce is to have the right mix of people around you. Embrace your new independence and come out of your bubble to make some new friends.

  • Get back in touch with your old lost friends, undertake volunteering work or simply expand your professional network.
  • Hang around with fun people who make you laugh as they provide a good distraction.
  • Seek professional help from straight shooters. These people can be therapists, divorce coaches or wise friends. Established your desired goals and who is best suited to help guide you to achieve them.


  • Asses the cost of remaining a victim
  • Do you want to remain needy and clingy?
  • Do you want to live your life as a bitter and angry person?
  • Only you have the power to change to a life that is full of peace and happiness.

You CAN THRIVE after divorce!