role of divorce coach

What is the Role of a Divorce Coach During the Divorce Process?

If you’ve concluded that getting a divorce is the right step in your life, you still have a huge emotional journey ahead of you. To get through this period, you need support–emotional and professional.

As a divorce lawyer, I can help facilitate the legal dissolution of your marriage; as a Singapore divorce coach, I can help you manage the process so that it moves forward smoothly, leaving you better prepared to embrace your new life.

Here are (5) five ways a divorce coach can help you through your divorce.

Document Organization

Divorce involves an incredible amount of personal and financial documentation, from real estate deeds to birth certificates to bank statements. Your lawyer needs these documents to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

A Singapore divorce coach can help you gather these documents, notify you of gaps in your dossier, answer questions about the significance of a document, and generally keep your document collection process on track.

Visualizing and Preparing for Change

You’re probably going to experience significant financial and lifestyle changes post-divorce. A divorce coach can help you visualize the changes you should expect in light of your particular circumstances. Your coach would then work with you to determine what you need, both in your divorce and new life, to lessen any negative impact of those changes.

Facilitate Goal-Setting

To ensure that the divorce advances smoothly, your divorce coach can help you establish and achieve your goals for the process. For example, a coach can work with you to define your primary objectives for the divorce and long-term goals for your post-divorce life.

As you work toward these goals, your coach will keep you focused on the big picture if intense or irrational emotions threaten to sweep you off-course. A coach can also help you set practical weekly or monthly goals, such as looking for new housing, hiring an accountant, finding a support group, or accomplishing other actions that will keep your life moving forward.

Promote Good Decision-Making

Divorce may seem at times like a never-ending stream of decisions to be made. What type of divorce should you pursue? Should you seek to keep the house or move? Does it make sense to return to school? Should you get a new job? Should you accept your ex’s financial proposal? Y

our divorce coach can help walk you through these decisions and clarify your thoughts. Most important, they will promote rational decision-making that can prevent you from making disastrous, emotionally-driven choices that may hurt more than help.

Provide Trustworthy Information

Family and friends may mean well when giving advice on divorce, but they’re approaching the situation from their own limited experience and narrow viewpoint. Often they may give you outdated or flat-out wrong information. An experienced certified divorce coach has seen it all. You can benefit from their broad knowledge to receive advice that’s targeted to your particular situation. Knowing that you have a trustworthy source information can give you confidence and reassurance as you make life-changing decisions and goals in the divorce process.