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8 Common Causes of Divorce in Singapore

Divorce is a complicated and often painful experience for couples to go through. In Singapore, many factors can contribute to the breakdown of a marriage.

Here are eight of the most common causes and reasons for divorce in Singapore.

Unreasonable Expectations

In any relationship, expectations can be a significant source of tension. When one or both partners expect too much from the other without giving anything back, it can lead to resentment and unhappiness, ultimately leading to divorce if the issue is not resolved or addressed early on.

Communication Problems

Couples unable to communicate effectively may have difficulty resolving conflicts or understanding each other’s points of view. Poor communication can cause couples to drift apart, leading to feelings of alienation and divorce.

Financial Issues

When couples do not agree on how money should be spent or saved, it can lead to arguments and disagreements about financial matters. This lack of agreement over finances can lead to stress and tension within the relationship, which may eventually result in divorce.

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Unfaithfulness between partners is one of the most common causes of divorce across all cultures. For example, suppose one partner discovers that their spouse has been unfaithful. In that case, they may feel betrayed and decide they no longer wish to remain married.

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Inequality/Lack Of Respect

Couples who do not respect each other’s opinions or treat each other as equals may find it challenging to build a strong bond between them. Without mutual respect and understanding, these relationships will often divorce due to a lack of trust or compatibility between partners.

Changing Priorities/Life Goals

As people grow and mature, their priorities and life goals may change significantly from when they first married. For example, suppose two people start with different plans for their lives. In that case, they could ultimately decide that staying together is no longer feasible if their goals diverge too drastically over time.

Addiction Problems

Addiction issues such as alcohol abuse or drug use can put an immense strain on a marriage and make it difficult for couples to stay together if one partner cannot overcome their addiction problems without help from outside sources such as counselling or rehabilitation centres.

Lack Of Intimacy

Couples who are unable to go through periods without being intimate with each other might eventually find it hard to remain committed in the long run due to a lack of physical connection between them, which could indicate incompatibility in sexual needs or preferences, which could be an underlying factor causing dissatisfaction among married couples thus leading them towards separation.

Divorce is never an easy decision for any couple. Still, many factors could lead to this decision. Therefore, it’s important for couples going through tough times in their marriage to seek professional help from family counsellors before taking drastic measures like opting for separation. Only honest communication and mutual understanding can save marriages and make them more robust than ever.

Do you need a Divorce Coach?

Even the strongest person can be overwhelmed by the financial, emotional, and legal aspects.

While going through a divorce, a divorce coach can provide emotional, organizational, and motivational support.

A Divorce Coach can help you understand the first and most important decisions you will have to make in your divorce journey. First, you will need to determine which of the divorce process options will work best for your family: uncontested divorce, mediation/negotiation, collaborative divorce, or litigation.